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Jeffery Gazso
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Gentoo user since 2006
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I've used Gentoo off and on for a long time. The first time I installed Gentoo I did so on a rather spartan machine. After a few failed install attempts, I finally got it working. From there I had to wait something like two days for Gnome to build. I learned a lot about Linux that way: try, fail, try again; next task. I grew to love Linux and eventually turned it into a career.

I like Gentoo's for flexibility and ease of customization. I prefer a low bloat installation even on powerful hardware, Gentoo lets me do that easily.

Outside of Gentoo my hobbies and interests tend to run a long technical lines. I'm an Amateur Extra ham radio operator. I got into the hobby when I learned about very interesting digital modes such as JS8Call. I'm also enjoy retrocomputing as much for historical interest and preservation as for the novelty or fun of it. Additionally, I'm a rare book collector and I have a shelf full of 18th, 19th, and early 20th century school books. I especially enjoy books on philosophy, logic, and reason. Over time, I have developed a soft spot for the Stoic philosopher Epictetus.

The rumors are false, I do not actually have pointed ears.

Gentoo Wiki Activities

Right now I'm mainly focused on creating simple package related articles that others can expand on. I'm currently creating articles somewhat haphazardly as things come up.

In the short and medium term, want to see the wiki improve by:

  1. Attracting more talent by making the wiki friendlier to new contributors and by lowering barriers to entry.
  2. Covering pretty much everything in the Linux Standards Base.
  3. Covering the relevant parts of the Single UNIX Specification.
  4. Covering significant parts of Unix/Linux culture even if they're not necessarily part of any standard, think: trek, fortune, cowsay, and neofetch.

Longer term, I want to improve Gentoo's developer friendliness. On the OS side, that means having well maintained ebuilds for as many programing languages as practical. On the wiki side, I'd like to see very well developed guides for everything from Awk scripts to coding in Zig.

To Do


These are articles I'm currently in the process of reworking and improving. Major rewrites are best done in a user sandbox.