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Jeff Gazso
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Gentoo user since 2006
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I've used Gentoo off and on for a long time. The first time I installed Gentoo I did so on a rather spartan machine. After a few failed install attempts, I finally got it working. From there I had to wait something like two days for Gnome to build. I learned a lot about Linux that way: try, fail, try again; next task. I grew to love Linux and eventually turned it into a career.

I like Gentoo's for flexibility and ease of customization. I prefer a low bloat installation even on powerful hardware, Gentoo lets me do that easily.

Gentoo Wiki Activities

Right now I'm mainly focused on creating simple package related articles that others can expand on. Basically, if it's a tool in the Single Unix Specification or the Linux Standards Base I want to be sure a corresponding Gentoo wiki article gets created.

My other area of interest is anything related to the very cool Raku programming language and the Raspberry Pi.

To Do


These are articles I'm currently in the process of reworking and improving. Major rewrites are best done in a user sandbox.