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Articles to Write



  • {{guru_package}} similar to {{package}}.
  • {{haskell_package}} similar to {{package}}.

To-do Eventually


  • Data at rest encryption.


  • Perl article overhaul.
    • Write in user subpage and get Dilfridge to sign off on it.
    • Lots more information on modern Perl itself.
    • Links to plenty of tutorials.
  • C++
  • COBOL and Gnucobol.
  • Mono, of .NET fame.
  • mono-basic / visual basic
  • C#
  • F# (part of the dev-lang/mono runtime?)
  • ASP .Net


VM Related

App Emulation


Follow Up


  • Write a general gcc article. It can be a stub, but make it a good one.
    • Remove the GGC --> GCC Upgrades redirect but link to the original article. Eventually, the articles will probably merge.
  • Clang. Try to figure out how to refactor the article. A long article is fine as long as it flows well. This article may or may not need to be split up.

Larger Projects

  • Fully document how to create custom profiles and merge existing ones.
    • Sam has his own profile overlay on GitHub at thesamesam/overlay/, talk to him if you get stuck.