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sc-im short for Spreadsheet Calculator — Improved is a terminal-based spreadsheet and calculator with vim-like key bindings. The program is fairly advanced and capable spreadsheet application with most of the features modern spreadsheet users have come to expect in GUI-based spreadsheet applications. Additionally, sc-im can be used non-interactively as a simple calculator tool somewhat like bc.


Development of the original program, then called sc, began in 1981 but stalled sometime in 2002. Around 2015 a group of sc enthusiasts decided to resume development under the name sc-im. In late 2022 the maintained package app-office/sc-im fork was migrated from GURU to the main Gentoo package repository and the unmaintained app-office/sc was removed from the tree via bug #877051.


USE flags

USE flags for app-office/sc-im Ncurses based, vim-like spreadsheet calculator

X Use x11-misc/xclip for clipboard copy/paste
lua Enable Lua scripting support
ods Add ods import support
plots Add sci-visualization/gnuplot for plotting support
tmux Use app-misc/tmux for clipboard copy/paste
wayland Use gui-apps/wl-clipboard for clipboard copy/paste
xls Add xls support
xlsx Add xlsx support


root #emerge --ask app-office/sc-im



  • $HOME/.config/sc-im/scimrc - Per-user configuration file.


root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose app-office/sc-im

See also

  • bc — arbitrary-precision fixed-point mathematical scripting language