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LibreOffice is a full office productivity suite. It's a successor of the and strives to be a better and less bloated office suite.


USE flags

USE flags for app-office/libreoffice A full office productivity suite

accessibility Add support for accessibility (eg 'at-spi' library)
branding Enable Gentoo specific branding
coinmp Use sci-libs/coinor-mp as alternative solver
dbus Enable dbus support for anything that needs it (gpsd, gnomemeeting, etc)
eds Enable support for Evolution-Data-Server (EDS)
firebird Add support for the Firebird relational database
googledrive Enable support for remote files on Google Drive
java Add support for Java
ldap Add LDAP support (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
mariadb Prefer mariadb connector over mysql connector
odk Build the Office Development Kit
pdfimport Enable PDF import via the Poppler library


Install app-office/libreoffice:

root #emerge --ask --verbose app-office/libreoffice

Binary installation

Since LibreOffice is such a large package to compile, it is also offered in pre-compiled binaries in app-office/libreoffice-bin.

root #emerge --ask --verbose app-office/libreoffice-bin

The binary packages are compiled such that they fit to the libraries of a stable Gentoo system. You will encounter difficulties if you try to use them on an ~arch system; this is not supported.