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This is the userspace page for requesting translator account and introducing myself :D

I'm the first korean translator for the gentoo wiki since here has created, finished to translate for four part of Gentoo Handbook, firstly. because, i've interesting about introducing Korean language as a written language, i really love gentoo wiki, and there are so many awesome person who makes gentoo wiki more brilliant.

I'm in a part of many open-source software translation organization. I'll tell about it later section.

I'm a master of engineering for computer science and electronic engineering, my research topic was open-source software organization analysis, which covers about human network analysis, social engineering, bugreport/repository/mail mining, HR management(for software engineering). before studying my research topic, I did some experimentation data mining by using hand-held device. It was failed due to some legal problem.

ok, now, i'm standing on a midpoint of my life. it's time to select something to make my gorgeous life.

from Sep 26, 2016: I'm hired on the medicinal bio-convergence research center. \-_-/ YEAY.

in Aug 3, 2020: I moved to AccessWe Inc., Unmanned Aerial Vehicle development company.

Help:Translation Korean translation

Temporary translation for the gentoo x86 handbook

I'm voluntary contributing on

Desktop Environment Translation

Application Translation

Platform Translation

Document Translation


  • Gnome Korea (2013.08 ~ )