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The purpose of this page is to list ongoing projects that QA members and contributors may work on. Any current QA member may update this page with things that need to be done. Unless otherwise noted, QA members may fix issues they find without filing bugs or obtaining permission from the package's maintainer, though a cursory ping on email or IRC is encouraged.

  • Migrating ebuilds from EAPIs 1 and 2 (deprecated) to newer EAPIs, as well as packages using EAPI 0 which are not system packages. Priority should go to any packages which are still being regularly updated but with the outdated EAPI.
  • Migrating ebuilds from using python/distutils eclasses to the python-r1 set of eclasses. See Python-r1 for information on the migration.
  • Fixing issues found on qa-reports. Issues with distfiles should have bugs filed if none exist already.
  • Reading through the devmanual and filing bugs/submitting merge requests on github.

Possible future projects

  • Merging the ebuild policy into the devmanual; would require coordination with ComRel, but it seems like a good idea to keep the documentation all in one central place.