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Name Arthur Zamarin
Nickname arthurzam (www.g.o link)
Fund me

Packages p.g.o/ (commits)
Is active Yes

Gentoo user since 2016
devThis user is a Gentoo developer.

Various things I wrote (most likely if it remains under my name they are lower quality write, so read carefully, feel free to edit and improve).

My Activities

As I have a day job, I'm limited to actual Gentoo work on the evenings for the weekdays. In UTC times, it translates intoː

  • Weekdaysː Sunday-Thursday - from 16ː00 UTC - 20ː00 UTC
  • Weekendsː Friday-Saturday - from 06ː00 UTC - 20ː00 UTC

You can always contact me through email or IRC (#arthurzam (webchat) on libera). For IRC I have a quassel server (thanks to sam), so I can read backlogs even when I'm offline.

I'm trying to be very responsive, and if nothing special occurs, hopefully should answer in an interval of 24 hours.

Also always feel free to touch my packages (packages that have my maintainer name, not projects names). But please remember, if you break it, I would expect help with fixing it.

My responsibilities

As I don't have a lot of time to give to Gentoo, I try to prioritize tasks and perform the best I can, in hope of making Gentoo a better distribution.

My classification for priority is a little weird, but it looks likeː

  1. High - I try to perform each day
  2. Medium - I perform it if I have time after the High once, and if I have the mood for it - hopefully once a week?
  3. Low - If a relevant task is opened and my mood allows it, I will perform it - ETA not guaranteed at all

High priority

  1. Python project - bumping the packages to newest versions, filing stable requests bugs, bumping python targets, etc
    • Working with mgorny is fun ː)
  2. pkgcore stack - maintaining the whole stack (snakeoil, pkgcore, pkgcheck and pkgdev
    • Note that this includes the QA tool and query tool of the stack.
    • For the package manager side (pkgcore) I have a very low priority if any - but if patches are sent, I will review them ASAP.
    • I try to be in constant talks with QA team for adding new checks they request for pkgcheck
    • Working with sam is fun ː)
  3. tattoo - maintaining the tool, adding features, etc
  4. - working on the website, improving performance, adding features and more
  5. Council - being part of Gentoo's council, and working on improving status of arches, developer feeling in our ecosystem, and more.

Medium priority

  1. QA - improving QA status of Gentoo ebuilds
  2. Arch testing - using the tattoo system, perform testing for keywording and stabilization bugs
    • Priority for Python, Java and base-system packages
  3. GitHub PRs - perform reviews and merge pull requests
  4. Guru - sync dev into master, fix repo QA when broken, add relevant CI workflows

Low Priority

  1. Java project - openjdk bootstrapping
  2. Rust project - rust bootstrapping