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Name Arthur Zamarin
Nickname arthurzam (www.g.o link)

Packages p.g.o/ (commits)
Is active Yes

Various things I wrote (most likely if it remains under my name they are lower quality write, so read carefully, feel free to edit and improve).

My Activities

As I have a day job, I'm limited to actual Gentoo work on the evenings for the weekdays. In UTC times, it translates intoː

  • Weekdaysː Sunday-Thursday - from 16ː00 UTC - 20ː00 UTC
  • Weekendsː Friday-Saturday - from 06ː00 UTC - 20ː00 UTC

You can always contact me through email or IRC (#arthurzam (webchat) on libera). For IRC I have a quassel server (thanks to sam), so I can read backlogs even when I'm offline.

I'm trying to be very responsive, and if nothing special occurs, hopefully should answer in an interval of 24 hours.

My responsibilities

As I don't have a lot of time to give to Gentoo, I try to prioritize tasks and perform the best I can, in hope of making Gentoo a better distribution.

My classification for priority is a little weird, but it looks likeː

  1. High - I try to perform each day
  2. Medium - I perform it if I have time after the High once, and if I have the mood for it - hopefully once a week?
  3. Low - If a relevant task is opened and my mood allows it, I will perform it - ETA not guaranteed at all

High priority

  1. Python project - bumping the packages to newest versions, filing stable requests bugs, bumping python targets, etc
    • Working with mgorny is fun ː)
  2. pkgcore stack - maintaining the whole stack (snakeoil, pkgcore, pkgcheck and pkgdev
    • Note that this includes the QA tool and query tool of the stack.
    • For the package manager side (pkgcore) I have a very low priority if any - but if patches are sent, I will review them ASAP.
    • I try to be in constant talks with QA team for adding new checks they request for pkgcheck
    • Working with sam is fun ː)
  3. tattoo - maintaining the tool, adding features, etc

Medium priority

  1. Arch testing - using the tattoo system, perform testing for keywording and stabilization bugs
    • Priority for Python, Java and base-system packages
  2. GitHub PRs - perform reviews and merge pull requests
  3. Guru - sync dev into master, fix repo QA when broken, add relevant CI workflows

Low Priority

  1. Java project - openjdk bootstrapping
  2. ROS - during python target bump, perform it for ROS packages