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Description We maintain everything Java-related in Gentoo, that is, most of dev-java/* and also packages in categories like dev-util, www-servers etc.
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IRC channel #gentoo-java (webchat)
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Resources offered by the Java project are:


There is currently a lack of manpower in the Gentoo Java team. While we're happy if you help out e.g. on Bugzilla or the java-overlay at first, we would appreciate it very much if you could sign up as a full Gentoo developer as soon as you can. Experience with non-Java ebuilds is helpful for that too.

Please see the main Gentoo site and staffing needs for more details.


You can also prepare for the Gentoo Java quiz and have your answers reviewed by a member of the team. See the list of questions.

Next Meeting




#gentoo-java (webchat) on


Please put here your ideas what should be discussed with regard to Gentoo Java. Even non-members of java herd are encouraged to put their ideas here, they are welcome! Also please add your nick to your idea so that we can easily track back who brought the idea.

Topics for the next meeting

Topics from previous meetings

  • Who makes the decision that to become Gentoo Java dev we require Java quizes? Can we loosen that for gnu_andrew? (fordfrog)
  • Upgrading EAPI0/EAPI1/EAPI2 ebuilds - (mrueg)
  • Almost every project uses Maven now but Maven doesn't play well with Portage. What to do about that? (Chewi)
  • Java has no preprocessor, hence build-time dependencies are rarely optional. This has become a major burden. Maybe Soot can help? (Chewi)
  • Increased use of third party libraries is slowly but surely dragging us into jar hell with version conflicts. Can we apply USE-style dependencies to the package.env format to avoid this? (Chewi)
  • apicheck has never been packaged and it also seems to struggle with modern Java. It depends on japitools, which hasn't been updated since 2006. Maybe this could be replaced with japi-checker. (Chewi)

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