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Ant fun

Q1. build.sysclasspath

Q1.1. What effect does the property build.sysclasspath=ignore have?

Q1.2. Why would we want to use it?

Q1.3. How would it 'break' packages?

Q1.4. How do you fix these breakages?

Q2. An ant build has a 'get-deps' target that always gets called to download the dependencies.

Q2.1. Why is this bad?

Q2.2. How can it be fixed?

Q3. What should be done if a build.xml has targets that are always executed and you either don't want to execute or want to control that behavior via use flag or other means?

Q4. How should you handle a build.xml file that uses the available task to decide what features to turn on?


Q1. You have a launcher that does java -classpath /usr/share/foo/lib/foo.jar -jar /usr/share/bar/lib/bar.jar. When this is launched, it fails to find some classes from foo.jar.

Q1.1. Why is this happening?

Q1.2. What is one way to fix it?

Q2. User/system classpath

Q2.1. Why is using java-config ability to set a user / system classpath deprecated?

Q2.2. How do you manually set a global classpath without using java-config?


Q1. How do you add optional Java support to an ebuild?

Q2. Why is it important to use the Java eclasses for anything that has anything to do with Java?

Q3. How would you test a package using a specific virtual machine?

Q4. Are you allowed to turn off build.xml rewriting if so, when?

Q5. You have a package that needs to build some JNI stuff. How do you get the appropriate CFLAGS?

Q6. You want your package to have a script to launch the foo.Bar class. How would you create this?

Q7. How should you handle unit tests?

Q8. How would you provide jars to packages that have them bundled in their sources or have ant download them?

Q9. What should be done if a package can't be compiled as 1.4 source/target.

Q10. You want to package something new and the package users maven as the build system. How will you handle this?

Q11. How do you install the following:

Q11.1. foobar-3.0.jar

Q11.2. docs/javadoc


Q11.4. docs/index.html, docs/foobar.html

Q11.5. examples/*

Q12. Why is JAVA_PKG_IUSE used?

The Java system

Q1. What's the difference between java-ant-2, java-pkg-2, java-pkg-opt-2, and java-utils-2? When would it be appropriate to use each?

Q2. What was the big deal about Java 1.5? Why did it take so long to become unmasked?

Q3. Will the new Java system support Java 1.6 when it is released? Java 1.7?

Java policies

Q1. Describe our policy regarding bundled jars.