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This page collects all calls for recruitment that can be found on the Gentoo project pages. To add a new entry see the Staffing Need form.

This page does not list the only areas where contributions are welcome, but is only a reflection of where developers are needed the most. If you are interested in helping out in another area, then do not hesitate to contact the relevant development group!

If you are interested in helping out with any of the following tasks, please contact the Gentoo Recruiters, CCing the displayed "Contact" on your application.

Position title Description Requirements Contact Urgency Difficulty Details
CJK maintainer The Chinese/Japanese/Korean support packages project need help!

We are searching a person that want to learn maintain Gentoo packages

Passion, want to be more involved in Gentoo, use CJK packages, some bash knowledge is preferred.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/CJK maintainer
Chromium Developer We have ambitious plans to start maintaining more chromium-related packages like V8. We could also create some Gentoo-specific documentation for people who would like to contribute to or hack on the upstream project. To complete those tasks, we may need more manpower. Being a Gentoo developer who wants to join the project. Moderate knowledge of upstream project. Being a committer of the upstream project would be a huge plus.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Chromium Developer
Electronics package maintainer Our project is understaffed. We really need new package maintainers. Experience with Electronics software on Linux, ideally Gentoo.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Electronics package maintainer
Embedded Kernel Hacker Maintain the kernel ebuilds for mobile devices. Experience with kernel and embedded systems
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Embedded Kernel Hacker
GLSA Coordinators Helping with the coordination of security bugs and GLSAs. More information to get in touch can be found on the Security Project page and in the linked ressouces. Strong interest in security matters and good knowledge of written English. A professional security background is not required at all.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/GLSA Coordinators
Members, Developers Gentoo-keys is a management application to handle all aspects of gpg key handling and verification within the gentoo environment. Good python skills and or gpg key creation, verification knowledge
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Gentoo-keys Development
Gnome Our project is understaffed. We are constantly looking for users and developers to help us maintaining Gnome Candidates must be familiar with Bugzilla and Gentoo tree structure.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Gnome
Math package maintainer Help the math herd to not let rot the ebuilds, add new exciting math software to Gentoo and avoid us to maintain current applications in a blind mode (software we are not users of). Knowledge of math software and/or Gentoo.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Mathematics Package Maintainer
Maintainer of PEAR/PECL packages Maintainer of packages extending PHP. Includes basic revision bumping, adding new packages and maintain related eclasses. Experience with PHP on Gentoo.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/PHP PEAR and PECL maintainer
Developer To help in Portage's development, bug fixing, testing. Good python and/or bash skills. Either prior knowledge of portage's internals or the desire to learn more detail about package management and its coding.

The desire to continue to improve the quality of its code.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Portage developers
Proxy Maintainer We need more developers acting as proxy-maintainers for users. Free time

Familiar with Gentoo development affairs and QA tools Good social and community skills
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/ProxyMaintainer
Ruby core package maintainer Ruby core package maintainer to help out with the core ruby packages (dev-lang/ruby and dev-ruby/rubygems). Revision bumping, handling security bugs, patching packages to play nice with Gentoo, following upstream to handle changes and updates in a timely manner. Experience with ruby on Linux, ideally Gentoo. Knowledge of C and ruby. Experience with patching software.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Ruby core package maintainer
Ruby package maintainer General ruby package maintainer to help out managing packages in the herd. Revision bumping, bug filing/fixing, updating ebuilds per eclass or syntax changes, etc. This involves a mix of gem and source based ebuilds. Experience with ruby on Linux, ideally Gentoo. Knowledge of the gem repository system and its supporting software and experience with building ruby software using setup.rb and its many incarnations.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Ruby package maintainer
Ruby / ElasticSearch hacker Infra is currently running at least two major services using Ruby stack with ElasticSearch: archives.g.o (with sinatra) and packages.g.o (with rails). However, we no longer have any members fluent with either of that, and the services need proper maintenance including:
  • Packaging the missing dependencies for Gentoo and switching away from bundler.
  • Upgrading from ES-1 to ES-5 (or starting with fresh db and populating it).
  • Maintaining the deployments further, fixing bugs and so on.
Either good knowledge of or willingness to learn (without much help on our end):
  • Ruby packaging in Gentoo (ruby-fakegem.eclass in particular).
  • ElasticSearch maintenance and upgrades.
  • Basic Ruby with the necessary libraries (good enough to be able to do at least minor fixes to existing code).
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Ruby/ElasticSearch hacker
Samba Maintaner(s) The samba team is rather non-functional and currently relies on one maintainer who wishes to no longer maintain samba packages anymore. Very good knowledge of the WAF build system (python) as well as good knowledge of the samba environment. Basic ebuild knowledge is a fundamental requirement. Good contacts to upstream would be nice to have.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Samba Maintainer
Scientific Developer Maintain core numerical libraries for Gentoo, perform benchmarks, write useful documentation, write test framework, be part of any Gentoo Science projects Knowledge of numerical libraries, building and packaging skills
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Science Maintainer
Android Developer Develop a solution of Wayland based on Android graphic drivers based on libhybris, preferrably sharing framebuffer with Android. Familiar with Gentoo Prefix (and its RAP variant), and Android. Familiar with X11 and Wayland. Experience with C.
Gentoo/Staffing Needs/Wayland libhybris developer


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