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Security Project
Description The Security Project's mission is to ensure that vulnerabilities in software accessible through the Portage tree are found and fixed in a timely manner, so that our users remain protected against known vulnerabilities.
Project email
IRC channel #gentoo-security (webchat)
Bugs Related bugs
Last elected: 2022-08-20
(and inherited member(s))
Parent Project Gentoo
Project listing
When updating project membership, other places must be updated too: Bugzilla groups; woodpecker mailing list members; linux-distros membership; website (www.git)'s security page!


The following Gentoo developers are not part of the team, but we would like to acknowledge their contributions to the project:

Contributor Nickname Contribution
Agostino Sarubbo Agostino Sarubbo (ago) Security Bug Coordination
Paweł Hajdan Paweł Hajdan, Jr. (phajdan.jr) GLSA Coordination: Chromium, V8
Ned Ludd solar Security patches, Auditing
Mike Frysinger Mike Frysinger (vapier) Security patches
Stephan Hartmann Stephan Hartmann (sultan) Chromium (et al) bug coordination


The following meetings have been held so far by the Gentoo Linux Security project:

  • Gentoo Security Project Meeting 2018-09-02 ( Log )
  • Gentoo Security Project Meeting 2018-07-29 ( Log )
  • Gentoo Security Project Meeting 2018-06-24 ( Log )
  • Gentoo Security Project Meeting 2018-06-03 ( Log )
  • Gentoo Security Project Meeting 2018-04-21 ( Log )
  • Gentoo Security Project Meeting 2018-02-18 ( Log )
  • Gentoo Security Project Meeting 2010-09-01 ( Log , Summary)
  • Gentoo Security Project Meeting 2008-07-14 ( Log , Summary)


We are currently looking for users interested in helping the project with these jobs:

GLSA CoordinatorsHelping with the coordination of security bugs and GLSAs. More information to get in touch can be found on the Security Project page and in the linked ressouces.Strong interest in security matters and good knowledge of written English. A professional security background is not required at

Becoming a Gentoo Security developer

How to join the team

To participate in the Gentoo Linux Security Project, feel free to introduce yourself via one of our communication media, such as via email to or via IRC in #gentoo-security (webchat). Participation in bug wrangling is a must; you will also need a Gentoo Bugzilla account. Joining the Gentoo community on IRC is the best way to join the community - you will be able to talk to many of our developers and users for more information or just to chat about the state of existing projects, both in terms of security and beyond to the broader Gentoo world.

Users interested in participating should begin familiarizing themselves with the documentation referenced at the bottom of this page, in particular the Scouting Tips page, which will get you started with what you need to begin helping out with the project.

While users who wish to maintain complete anonymity will not be able to join as official Gentoo developers, their contributions to Gentoo Security are valued regardless of where they come from.

Supported kernel sources

Kernel source Security liaison
sys-kernel/gentoo-sources Gentoo Kernel project
sys-kernel/gentoo-kernel, sys-kernel/gentoo-kernel-bin Distribution Kernel project


The Security Project offers several resources for varying target audiences.

Resources aimed at the general public include:

Resources aimed at new contributors include:

Useful Bugzilla searches:

Resources aimed at advanced contributors and team members include:

Pages which are no longer used but remain undeleted for historical reasons: