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The 3D Print Project handles all 3d print related activities in Gentoo.  +
The AMD64 Project is devoted to providing stable, secure and up-to-date releases of Gentoo for the AMD64 and EM64T processor families.  +
The Gentoo/AMD64 AT Project is devoted to help the developers with time-consuming testing.  +
The ARM Development Project is devoted to keeping Gentoo in good shape on the ARM architecture.  +
The ARM64 project is devoted to getting and keeping Gentoo in good shape on the ARM AArch64 architecture.  +
The Gentoo Accessibility Project provides a way for Gentoo developers in various teams to coordinate efforts to make Gentoo more accessible to users who have disabilities.  +
This project provides support for Ada compilers and libraries in Portage. At present both a gnat compiler (gnat-gpl by AdaCore) and gcc (by FSF) are provided.  +
The Gentoo/Alpha Arch Team is devoted to keeping Gentoo in good shape on the Alpha architecture.  +
Gentoo on Android aims to provide desktop experience on Android mobile devices. This project deploys Gentoo Prefix, a variant of Gentoo that installs in a directory prefix, along with Android, sharing the same Linux kernel.  +
The Antivirus Project maintains antivirus-related packages.  +
The Apache project is responsible for maintaining the Apache httpd server in Gentoo, and many of its modules. We also maintain a build infrastructure so that other modules may be easily added in a standard way to Apache.  +
The Artwork project manages Gentoo artwork and related assets. This includes wallpapers, logos, themes, icons.  +
The Gentoo Asahi Project brings Gentoo Linux to Apple Silicon Mac devices.  +
The Astronomy Project handles astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology related activities in Gentoo.  +
The Base System Project provides an umbrella project for keeping system tools, libraries, and layout consistent for all the various architectures under Gentoo Linux.  +
The Gentoo Binhost project aims to provide readily installable, precompiled packages for a subset of configurations.  +
The Biology Project handles all biology related activities in Gentoo.  +
Bug Wranglers elaborate how to proceed with bugs on the Gentoo bug tracker.  +
The Gentoo Bug Cleaners project aims to clean up the oldest bugs in Bugzilla.  +
Deploy privately a build service for building and testing Gentoo packages.  +