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ARM64 Development
Description The ARM64 project is devoted to getting and keeping Gentoo in good shape on the ARM AArch64 architecture.
Project email
IRC channel #gentoo-arm (webchat)
Last elected: 2020/08/24
(and inherited member(s))
Parent Project Gentoo
Project listing

The ARM64 project works on getting the AArch64 architecture in 64-bit mode into a stable state (stable profiles, stable keywords coverage) and maintain its support long-term.


If you are an ARM64 user and you use packages not keyworded yet, feel free to request such a keywording. At this moment we would prefer if these keyword additions are already fully tested by you and covers all the dependencies - even those that you don't need yourself (from extra USE flags). To test for that, mark it locally and run repoman as such (dev-libs/foo-1.2-r3 is what we try to keyword as an example):

user $cd $(portageq get_repo_path / gentoo)
user $cd dev-libs/foo
user $ekeyword ~arm64 foo-1.2-r3.ebuild
user $ebuild foo-1.2-r3.ebuild manifest
user $repoman -d full --include-arches arm64

If you notice any arm64 dependency issues, then you should test and keyword those as well. If this ends up with too much, or that isn't too applicable to arm64, then at least state the USE flags that didn't get tested due to extra dependencies, for the purpose of at least knowing to package.use.mask'ing them for now to avoid introducing new keyword issues. Once done, don't forget to clean up your local changes - if this was in a rsync tree, then that will happen automatically on next sync. If you have a set of packages tested for keywording, we would prefer a list of packages tested together, not separate Bugzilla entries. For now, pinging the project members on #gentoo-arm (webchat) might work better than Bugzilla requests.

Hardware list

Feel free to add yourself with your IRC handle to our ARM hardware list here on the wiki. It contains both 32-bit and AArch64 hardware. It is always nice to know what gadgets are out there!