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Gentoo Resources for Ada
Description This project provides support for Ada compilers and libraries in Portage. At present a gnat compiler is provided: gnat-gpl by AdaCore.
Lead(s) none
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(and inherited members)
Parent Project Gentoo Programming Language Support Project
Project listing

Aim of the project

The project maintain the compiler, builder, system library and IDE for ada. The reference sources are the one present in the site, maintained by AdaCore.

Current packages

At present

  • dev-lang/gnat-gpl
  • dev-ada/asis
  • dev-ada/gprbuild
  • dev-ada/gnatcoll
  • dev-ada/gnatmem
  • dev-ada/gnat_util
  • dev-ada/gtkada
  • dev-ada/xmlada

packages are part of the project.

The dev-lang/gnat-gpl-2016 conflict with the sys-devel/gcc-4.9.4 compiler, as it share with it the sources and the binaries


You need to indicate the ADA compiler and the FLAGS that you want to use to build the ADA packages

The compiler to choose should be indicated by the ADA variable in /etc/portage/make.conf.
ADA=(basename of the gcc compiler that can compile ada files)
e.g. ADA=gcc-4.9.4
If you do not specify the ADA variable, the system gcc compiler will be used instead
The flags the compiler will use is specified instead by
ADAFLAGS compiler flags for ADA

Build instructions

To build the compiler unfortunately you need an ada/c/c++ compiler already available, to produce an ada/c/c++ compiler.

If you don't have an ada compiler available you must set the bootstrap use flags. In this case the compiler used will be gnat-gpl-2014-x86_64-linux-bin.tar.gz from

Once installed you can use the compiler either

  • by selecting it with gcc-config. In this case you also change the default c/c++ compiler (and this is not supported to upgrade gentoo)
  • by postfixing any ada command with its own version: eg. gnatmake-4.9.4