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Gentoo Base System
Description The Base System Project provides an umbrella project for keeping the system tools, libraries, compilers and layout consistent for all the various architectures under Gentoo Linux.
IRC Channel #gentoo-base
Parent Project Gentoo Linux
Project listing

Project Description

Gentoo Base System aims to provide a consistency in compilers, toolchains, filesystem layouts and startup scripts across all the architectures which Gentoo Linux supports. We try to provide maximum usability and flexibility to allow for porting to any architecture supported by the Linux kernel. The relevant categories in portage with which we are concerned are sys-apps , sys-boot , sys-devel , sys-fs , and sys-libs . However, we do not hold exclusive jurisdiction over any of the categories.

Project Goals

To provide a set of stable and secure system-level applications and libraries. The most visible and obvious among them are: baselayout and the initscript system , gcc , gcc-config , binutils , glibc , and boot loaders


The base project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description
base-system cardoe, chainsaw, flameeyes, hwoarang, polynomial-c, radhermit, robbat2, ssuominen, vapier, williamh Core system utilities and libraries.

I Want to Participate

We are always willing to talk to talented programmers and people familiar with the GNU Compiler Collection , GNU libc , binutils , our rc/init system or developers with an advanced knowledge of a specific architecture to improve the speed and stability of Gentoo Linux on any or all of our platforms. Please contact base-system at gentoo dot org to talk with us. If you would like more information on a particular architecture, please click the appropriate link in the above table and contact the personnel of that particular architecture. Additionally you can contact our recruiters .