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Name Robin Johnson
Nickname robbat2 (www.g.o link)

Packages p.g.o/ (commits)
Is active Yes

I'm Gentoo developer Robbat2.

I maintain a LOT of things (at one point, I was responsible for 2% of the tree, second only to Vapier, but gave it away after that), having been a developer since 2003, upstream on other projects. I also lead the Gentoo infrastructure team, as well as being a trustee board member for Gentoo Foundation. Treasurer of the Foundation since 2015. President of the Foundation since 2023.

I also do Gentoo consulting if the work is interesting.

Links to my talks

A history of Gentoo Mailing List servers

  1. 2001/01/04 23:42:58 UTC: The earliest logged message, by drobbins, to gentoo-dev
  2. 2001/11/08: cvs.g.o (hostname unknown), exim, mailman
  3. 2001/11/14 22:30:27 -- 22:38:25 UTC: exim/postfix switchover, claims to be lists.g.o now, maybe
  4. 2002/11/04 16:27:22:, first message, qmail, ezmlm, counters reset to 1
  5. 2003/12/17 08:53:11:, last message, qmail, ezmlm
  6. 2003/12/27 17:14:24:, first message, qmail, ezmlm, no counter reset
  7. 2004/05/17 23:51:33:, last message, qmail or exim, ezmlm
  8. 2004/05/18 05:12:00:, first message, qmail, ezmlm, no counter reset
  9. 2004/12/08 15:53:29:, last messsage, qmail, ezmlm
  10. 2004/10/29: robin.g.o staged switchover
  11. 2004/12/08 16:20:00:, first message, postfix, mlmmj, counters reset to 1, FIXME
  12. 20../../..:, mlmmj
  13. 20../../../: nuthatch
  14. 20../../../: finch - archives