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Ruby Project
Description The Ruby project maintains packages for Ruby implementations, libraries and development tools. This project also maintains the RubyGems package, the de facto standard for packaging Ruby projects.
Project email
Packages p.g.o/

IRC channel #gentoo-ruby (webchat)
Bugs Related bugs
Last elected: 2019-04-28
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Parent Project Gentoo
Project listing

Information for users

Main implementations

Right now, we include the following Ruby implementations in Gentoo.

  • ruby27 - Ruby MRI 2.7
  • ruby30 - Ruby MRI 3.0
  • ruby31 - Ruby MRI 3.1 (testing)
  • ruby32 - Ruby MRI 3.2 (testing)

This graph shows the current distribution of Ruby implementations in Gentoo.

Information for developers

To ease maintenance of Ruby-based packages we currently provide several eclasses:

Further resources:

Old and probably outdated documents


We are currently looking for users interested in helping the project with these jobs:

Ruby core package maintainerRuby core package maintainer to help out with the core ruby packages (dev-lang/ruby and dev-ruby/rubygems). Revision bumping, handling security bugs, patching packages to play nice with Gentoo, following upstream to handle changes and updates in a timely manner.Experience with ruby on Linux, ideally Gentoo. Knowledge of C and ruby. Experience with patching
Ruby package maintainerGeneral ruby package maintainer to help out managing packages in the herd. Revision bumping, bug filing/fixing, updating ebuilds per eclass or syntax changes, etc. This involves a mix of gem and source based ebuilds.Experience with ruby on Linux, ideally Gentoo. Knowledge of the gem repository system and its supporting software and experience with building ruby software using setup.rb and its many