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Description The Genkernel project handles the maintenance and development of sys-kernel/genkernel.
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IRC channel #gentoo-genkernel
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We keep the rich documentation in the source repository or the genkernel article.

We have no IRC channel at this time. Message us individually in you need something.


Over all, we handle the maintenance and development of the sys-kernel/genkernel package.


The chat conversation be like:

11:18:23 @maffblaster| robbat2: Mind if I join the genkernel team?
11:18:28 @robbat2    | do it
11:18:42 @robbat2    | see my comments on the -soc mailing list for what I want to happen to genkernel
11:18:45 @robbat2    | re dracut
11:18:46 @maffblaster| me and mudler are going to work on merging gk/gk-next
11:18:52 @maffblaster| ok
11:18:57 @robbat2    | yes, please get all of the gk-next features merged to GK
11:19:09 @robbat2    | then the initramfs parts replaced by dracut
11:19:27 @robbat2    | which looks like it's ~85% of the way there to what we need
11:19:34 @robbat2    | with a small shim layer for user options

See also

Genkernel — a tool created by Gentoo used to automate the build process of the kernel and initramfs.