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AMD64 Arch Testers
Description The Gentoo/AMD64 AT Project is devoted to help the developers with time-consuming testing.
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Parent Project AMD64 Development
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The Gentoo/AMD64 Arch Testers (ATs) assist the developers with the time-consuming testing to help keeping the Portage tree up to date. They mainly communicate with the developers through Gentoo's Bugzilla and IRC. The ATs are also on the mail alias so they can watch the Bugzilla traffic closely.


We are constantly looking for new arch testers. If you meet the following criteria, you are likely our ideal candidate:

  • You are running Gentoo/amd64.
  • You like tinkering around with new software.
  • You want to get involved in Gentoo development, help to make the distribution better every day.

If you want to participate, email the following developers from chapter 3. They will lead you through the process and help you complete the AT quiz.

Arch testers are not official Gentoo developers. They are, however, a recognized part of the Gentoo/amd64 arch team.

Arch tester's policy

There are a few rules which must be followed to assure a certain quality level. Gentoo/amd64 arch testers must fulfill these requirements:

  • Use a stable system or a stable chroot environment for testing.
  • Use reasonable C{XX}FLAGS.
  • Use LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -Wl,--defsym=__gentoo_check_ldflags__=0"
  • Enable at least the following FEATURES: multilib-strict, collision-protect, sandbox, userpriv, usersandbox, and test in make.conf.
  • Test thoroughly.
  • Before requesting a stablization, check that the ebuild is at least 30 days old and without modifications.
  • Try to keep your comments short on stabilization bugs.
  • Build/QA problems must be reported on separate bugs and block the stabilization bug.
  • Use the category/package-version format when reporting success or failure.
  • On Bugzilla, do not use the comment 'amd64 stable', use 'amd64 tested' or 'amd64 ok' instead

Common problems

Gentoo/amd64 AT listing

The following people are currently contributing to this project:

Full Name Nickname Role Status Email

Hall of Fame

The following people offered their services in this project during time:

Full Name Nickname Status Email
Andreas Pokorny apokorny Became Dev
Chris Parrott cparrott Became Dev
Herbie Hopkins herbs Became Dev
Diego Pettenò Flameeyes Became Dev
Luis Medinas metalgod Became Dev
Richard Freeman rich0 Became Dev
Hal Brodigan postmodern Inactive
Ahmed Ammar b33fc0d3 Became Dev
Scott Stoddard deltacow Became Dev
Patrick McLean chutzpah Became Dev
Nathan Sullivan CpuID Inactive
José Valentín Gutiérrez Boquete nicote Inactive
Peter Weller welp Became Dev
Michael Weyershäuser thedude0001 Inactive
Mike Bonar glide Inactive
Christoph Mende angelos Became Dev
Ioannis Polyzos oMiC Inactive
Richard Fleming Fenix Inactive
Tobias Heinlein keytoaster Became Dev
Bastiaan Visser bastiaan Inactive
Stuart Stegall Cleric Inactive
Piotr Jaroszyński Peper Became Dev
William L. Thomson Jr. wltjr Inactive
Thomas Tuttle ttuttle Inactive
Jonas Pederson kyber Inactive
Rodrigo Oliveira dealer Inactive
Sven Gebhardt zakx Inactive
Torgny Nyblom togge Inactive
Kenneth Prugh Ken69267 Became Dev
Thomas Anderson tanderson Became Dev
Tiago Cunha tcunha Became Dev
Simon Cooper TheCoop Inactive
Tom Cort tcort Inactive
Angelo Arrifano miknix Became Dev
Matthias Langer mlangc Inactive
Torsten Rehn scel Inactive
Jesse Farinacci jieryn-w Inactive
Victor Miguel VQuickSilver Inactive
Chad A. Simmons CCIEChad Inactive
Andreas K. Huettel dilfridge Became Dev
Deedra Waters deedra Inactive
Roeland Douma rullzer Inactive
Matt Hull mattmatteh Inactive
Agostino Sarubbo ago Became Dev
David Fenwick djArc Inactive
Blain Anderson doc235 Inactive
Ian Delaney idella4 Inactive
Vicente Olivert Riera peratu Became Dev
Mikle Kolyada zlogene Became Dev
Elijah El Lazkani Armageddon Inactive
Tomas Pruzina Mepho Inactive
Michael Harrison n0idx80 Inactive
Maurizio Camisaschi k01 Inactive
Jean-Pierre de la Croix jdelacroix Inactive
Denis M. phr33d0m Inactive
Deedra Waters deedra Inactive