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Title Ruby / ElasticSearch hacker
Description Infra is currently running at least two major services using Ruby stack with ElasticSearch: archives.g.o (with sinatra) and packages.g.o (with rails). However, we no longer have any members fluent with either of that, and the services need proper maintenance including:
  • Packaging the missing dependencies for Gentoo and switching away from bundler.
  • Upgrading from ES-1 to ES-5 (or starting with fresh db and populating it).
  • Maintaining the deployments further, fixing bugs and so on.
Requirements Either good knowledge of or willingness to learn (without much help on our end):
  • Ruby packaging in Gentoo (ruby-fakegem.eclass in particular).
  • ElasticSearch maintenance and upgrades.
  • Basic Ruby with the necessary libraries (good enough to be able to do at least minor fixes to existing code).
Contact Email
Project Project:Infrastructure

Source code for packages.g.o (very urgent):

Source code for archives.g.o: