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As the current main maintainer of the pkgcore stack, and by the need to host main Gentoo projects on Gentoo infra, and by bug #835152, I want to show my future roadmap for the stack, where to move it, etc.


  1. Create a new Gentoo project named "pkgcore". This will make it easier to control the project, and share it with others.
    • [DONE] Create Wiki page - Project:PkgCore
    • [DONE] Create alias email - bug #872671
    • Announce the new project creation
    • Import current maintainers of pkgcore in GitHub into this new project.
  2. Create a new mailing list for pkgcore, on which we would announce new releases (like new checks for pkgcheck, etc)
    • Anyone can subscribe
    • Best case, only members of project can post to this mailing list - it is intended as announce only mailing list.
  3. Create pkgcore in Gentoo Project Hosting, so we can use it to hold the various sites of pkgcore (like documentation, etc).
    • Need to check with infra project what is the best way to setup automatic upload of docs into this repository, access wise, etc. I want the CI pipeline to automatically upload to it.
  4. [DONE] In bugzilla, create a new component for pkgcore stack
    • Currently it is too hard to see all bugs opened for this stack
    • Move all existing bugs that are for the stack and not ebuilds to this component.
  5. [DONE] bug #873148 Create repositories for pkgcore project in gitweb, I guess under proj/pkgcore/*
    • I want the github project & organization to remain. It is better for our users, as they know github well, I can also mirror it into our gitlab instance (using the existing setup like for gentoo repo)
    • I have issues with the gitlab UI, and have many useful tools for GitHub in my IDE, so having both platform support will be better.
    • I want to use GitHub resources for CI, as they are free for us, and I can "abuse" them without concern.
    • I guess it would be easier for infra team to override access in case something happens with me.
    • Not to mirror into GitHub's gentoo org, but into existing pkgcore repositories.
    • Best case, pushing tags is allowed only to project lead (for the start it is me), so we have extra level of protection (but easy to override). Ask infra if possible?
    • I plan to accept pull request and issues in GitHub, gitlab and bugzilla.
  6. [DONE] Update the pipelines to use my secretsː
    1. PyPi upload of release
    2. Push for docs sites (?)
    3. Something else? Ask redharmit
    4. Test the pipelines (maybe move pypi upload into gitlab's CI)
  7. [DONE] Perform takeover of pkgcore org in GitHub


  1. snakeoil
  2. pkgcore
  3. pkgcheck
  4. pkgdev
  5. pkgcheck-action (GitHub actions code) - mirror in our infra, as it is used by GURU repo and other users
  6. (future) pkgcheck-vscode-extension - extension I want to develop
  7. tattoo - I want to make it part of the stack

Big work for the stack

  1. Reorganize the build system. Try to use flit were possible, or simpler setuptools if deemed too hard.
  2. pkgdev as rekeyword/stablereq tool, while using nattka to fill package list, and fill maintainers

tattoo v2

  1. Finalize the bug reporting part - issue
  2. Add commands to run commands across all containers (like world upgrade)
  3. Improve the content of the comment when arch is done. Maybe mention which USE flags combinations were tested, etc?
  4. Disconnect from tatt - while it was a nice story, tatt started to limit me. I want more control over stuff, so I guess I will reimplement various parts:
    1. USE flags fast selection - using CSP solving algorithms
    2. Inspect packages directly using pkgcore and not portage
    3. Smarter decisions about amount of USE flags combinations to test
  5. Create an init script, to just run in container and get tattoo's tester fully setuped in it.