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Science Project
Description The Science project manages science and mathematics related activities in Gentoo
Project email
Packages p.g.o/

IRC channel #gentoo-science (webchat)
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Lead(s) none
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Parent Project Gentoo
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The Gentoo Science Project purpose is to create an easy way for the scientific community to use Gentoo to their advantage and to also make it easy to contribute back, should such desire emerge. The project strives to maintain a large set of scientific packages as well as wide configuration options that users of Gentoo have come to expect. Additional goals of the Gentoo Science Project are to create and maintain relevant documentation as well as to organize activities related to both science and Gentoo.


The Science project is composed of a general project and the following subprojects:

Project Gentoo Activities
Astronomy Astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology
Biology Biology
Chemistry Chemistry
Electronics Electronics
Geosciences Earth Sciences packages
Mathematics Mathematics, statistics packages, numerical libraries
Physics Crystallography, Quantum, High Energy Physics


Meeting January 2014



We are currently looking for users interested in helping the project with these jobs:

Scientific DeveloperMaintain core numerical libraries for Gentoo, perform benchmarks, write useful documentation, write test framework, be part of any Gentoo Science projectsKnowledge of numerical libraries, building and packaging