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Science Team Meeting (January 30. 2014)

  • Date: January 30. 2014
  • Time: 21.00 UTC
  • Place: #gentoo-meetings @ Freenode


  1. Alternatives Framework
  2. Documentation updates and actions
  3. Election of a new leader
  4. Open floor


Roll call

  • Present: bicatali, tomka, jlec, heroxbd, fbissey, rafaelmartins
  • Absent: most developers

Alternatives Framework

  • Implementation in eselect
    • eselect forked to Yes check.png Done
    • finish implementation of alternative framework (bicatali will work that)
    • test live eselect from overlay (heroxbd & jlec will test)
    • TODO send for review and inclusion
  • alternatives-2.eclass
    • TODO find a better name
    • TODO rewrite the eclass once the eselect implementation is finished (bicatali?)
  • Splitting blas' eselect modules for serial, threads, int64
    Ideas were floating but nothing precise
    • TODO Write draft (bicatali will summarize the ideas)
    • TODO Test multibiuld.eclass (jlec will test together with bicatali)
  • ldscript/soname
    Postponed until eselect and eclass are ready.

Documentation updates and actions

  • Clean/Update sub-project pages
    • Merge sub-projects into parent, while retaining sub-herds (jlec will take care in accordance with the sub-projects)
    • Create topic specific sub-projects e.g. "alternative framework" when needed (when required)
  • Review wiki pages (jlec, heroxbd, tomka will work on that)
  • Recruitment
    • Announce more open jobs (will be done during wiki review)
    • Get something into the next GMN

Election of a new leader

bicatali is stepping down from the team lead and nominates jlec for his successor.
Voting summary: 5 of 6 voices for jlec, 1 abstained

Open floor

  • roverlay
    • heroxbd and calchan are working on better support of R packages

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