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Name Maciej Barć
Nickname XGQT
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Gentoo user since 2017

More about me

Me in Gentoo:

Adaptation of Klaatu - Magentalane

My my what a lovely day
Could it be that we've arrived in fair Gentoolane
There were times, many times
When I thought we wouldn't make(1) it
I was quite prepared to take it like a man(1)
But ${here} I am

Aye, aye, bring our best config
We will write a post, you and I, about fair Gentoolane
Now let me see well shouldn't I make a script
Or say something in Lisp
Perhaps recite a Cyberiad poem, but why
When the only thing that is on my mind is
It good
It good
It good to be back at /home

In Gentoolane
Where the sea of source code flows
Under rose colored USErows...
I mean rainbows

Yes, there were times, several times
I was sure we had been defeated
As our community became depleted through the years
But now we are ${here}

So if you please it is time we take our leave
The road to Liberty awaits us on the aerodrome incline
Gonna leave that bad old @world behind
Because it feels so good
It good
It good to be back at /home