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  • Tooling to make security work easier, like pinging maintainers, changing whiteboards, and so on
  • Investigate if any additional gcc flags should be added to hardened profile
  • Add useful searches / tips to wiki pages?
  • Audit maintainer-needed packages, possibly dev-java too, and maybe www-apps for known vulns w/o bugs


[02:29:43]  <sam_c> leio and others: Does much support CPU_FLAGS_ARM on arm64?
[02:29:57]  <sam_c> As in, actually in tree. Or is it all just arm stuff.
[02:30:06]  <sam_c> Just wondering if that's an avenue I should look into at some point.
[02:30:36]  <sam_c> Also, would there be any value in CPU_FLAGS_ARM64, or not really? I imagine all it'd do is simplify ebuilds wanting to support arm64 but who need to do something different to arm in order to do so.


  • Python PGO, ideally trained on Portage unit tests
  • Add further examples to the musl notes
  • Summarise Hardened profile in 2020, update wiki pages, etc
  • Improve wiki pages on nattka / stabilisation requests
  • Add warnings on dhcp client to NetworkManager page
  • Make sure docs on SIGNED_OFF_BY etc are on wiki

Things to package