Downgrading a package to removed version

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Sometimes, an ebuild or specific package version which has been removed from the Gentoo ebuild repository might still be needed (ebuilds get removed as part of normal post-stabilization cleanups).

It can, for example, be useful to test an older version to report an issue to upstream, or to keep things working when there's problem with a newer version.


Fortunately, nothing is ever lost with Git. An ebuild can be pulled from the git history and placed into an ebuild repository to allow installation of a previously-removed package version.

This tutorial will use sys-fs/zfs as an example.

First, create an ebuild repository ("overlay") locally, where the rescued ebuilds will be stashed, with eselect-repository (may need installation, see article):

root #eselect repository create local

Grab a git clone of the Gentoo repository and store it somewhere convenient, like /home/larry/git/gentoo:

If a clone already exists, update it:

user $git pull

It's helpful if the exact versions needed are known. In this case, suppose zfs-2.1.5.ebuild is needed.

Run git log to find the last commit before it was yanked:

user $git log -- sys-fs/zfs/zfs-2.1.5.ebuild
commit d429ef63a97180e28e18b6bcaea7ca338674e371
Author: Georgy Yakovlev <>
Date:   Fri Sep 16 16:17:10 2022 -0700

    sys-fs/zfs: drop 2.1.5

    Signed-off-by: Georgy Yakovlev <>

commit 2f3182056174dace67bb1cd7e4a5c08336a467a8
Author: Sam James <>
Date:   Wed Jun 22 23:35:53 2022 +0100

    sys-fs/zfs: add 2.1.5

    Signed-off-by: Sam James <>

In this case, d429ef63a97180e28e18b6bcaea7ca338674e371 is the commit which dropped sys-fs/zfs/zfs-2.1.5.ebuild, so d429ef63a97180e28e18b6bcaea7ca338674e371~1 refers to the last commit before it was dropped.

If needed (e.g. to get patches in sys-fs/zfs/files), the complete repository state can be obtained by running git checkout d429ef63a97180e28e18b6bcaea7ca338674e371~1 with no additional arguments.

Restore the ebuild:

user $git checkout d429ef63a97180e28e18b6bcaea7ca338674e371~1 sys-fs/zfs/zfs-2.1.5.ebuild

The required ebuild will now be present at sys-fs/zfs/zfs-2.1.5.ebuild.

Copy it to the repository called "local", created earlier:

root #mkdir -p /var/db/repos/local/sys-fs/zfs
root #cp -rv sys-fs/zfs/* /var/db/repos/local/sys-fs/zfs

Regenerate the Manifest (or use the same git checkout trick to recover the old one):

root #ebuild /var/db/repos/local/sys-fs/zfs/zfs-2.15.ebuild manifest

Once done, go back to the clone of gentoo.git and restore it to its original state:

root #git clean -fdx
root #git reset --hard origin/master

Emerge and enjoy!