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Gentoo Perl Project
Description We maintain everything perlish in Gentoo.
IRC Channel #gentoo-perl
No lead election date set
(and inherited members)
Parent Project Gentoo Linux
Project listing


The Gentoo Perl project maintains the following herds:

Herd Members Description
perl axs, civil, dilfridge, titanofold, zlogene, monsieurp, kentnl Perl-related packages


We are currently looking for users interested in helping the project with these jobs:
Perl core maintainerPerl core package maintainer to help out with the core perl packages (dev-lang/perl and sys-devel/libperl). Revision bumping, handling security bugs, patching packages to play nice with Gentoo, following upstream to handle changes and updates in a timely manner.Experience with perl on Linux, ideally Gentoo. Knowledge of C and perl. Experience with patching
Perl package maintainerGeneral perl package maintainer to help out with managing the herd. Revision bumping, bug filing/fixing, stabilizing, updating ebuilds per eclass or syntax changes, etc.Experience with Perl on Linux, ideally

While we're happy if you help out e.g. on Bugzilla or the perl overlay at first, we appreciate much if you sign up as a full Gentoo developer as soon as you can. Experience with non-perl ebuilds is helpful for that, too. Please see the devmanual page on becoming a developer for more details.