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This package bundles a copy of ExtUtils::HasCompiler, and periodically ships releases that only update this.

However, it only makes use of that bundled code when dev-lang/perl has version < 5.10, and then, only in Makefile.PL

Subsequently, given we don't have any perl's of this age in tree, it doesn't make sense to do any of the following:

  • Stripping it as per common Gentoo policy to not used bundled deps, as this will simply break things for people who duct-tape together their own dev-lang/perl legacy versions, without any upside.
  • Depending on it conditionally, as this will require additional patching, without value, and will simply create more useless warnings by QA tools due to this block of logic having components that don't resolve to anything.
    || ( >=dev-lang/perl-5.10 ( <dev-lang/perl-5.10 dev-perl/ExtUtils-HasCompiler )

Subsequently, the best option here is just to trust upstream and leave it as-is, which gives both legacy compat and unconfusing portage handling.