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app-admin/perl-cleaner is a tool that cleans up old perl installations, attempting to emerge --oneshot packages left over from a perl upgrade, as well as any packages that linked against the old version of


See the table below for possible options to pass to perl-cleaner.

perl-cleaner needs at least one parameter from the list below. The "ask" parameter is optional.

CODE Usage of perl-cleaner
# perl-cleaner <OPTIONS> (ask)

Option Description
modules rebuild perl modules for old installs of perl
allmodules rebuild perl modules for any install of perl
libperl rebuild anything linked against libperl
ph-clean clean out old ph files from a previous perl
phupdate update existing ph files, useful after an upgrade to system parts like the kernel
phall clean out old ph files and run phupdate
all rebuild modules, libperl linkages, clean ph files, and rebuild them, excluding your current perl version
reallyall rebuild modules for any install of perl, libperl linkages, clean ph files, and rebuild them. This option does not exclude your current perl version

Adding the parameter ask to the parameterlist of perl-cleaner will make perl-cleaner pass the --ask option to emerge commands so that you will be asked by portage before taking any actions.


What to do if perl-cleaner fails... tbd