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Network IO

Some tests in this package require network IO to perform. In order to activate these tests, one needs to run emerge with:

root #FEATURES="-network-sandbox" DIST_TEST_OVERRIDE="do parallel network" emerge -va1 dev-perl/AnyEvent

Successful activation of network tests should show

CODE Expected Output
 * Network Tests Enabled
 * DIST_TEST_OVERRIDE is set to do parallel network
t/handle/03_http_req.t ..... ok

Integration Tests

This package includes a handful of adapter modules, which don't make sense to have a hard dependency for, as usage dictates the consumer already depends on the module in question, eg:

use AnyEvent;
use Tk;

Will automatically involve loading the adapter in AnyEvent.

And subsequently, AnyEvent has a bunch of integration tests to make sure this works.

In order to activate all integration tests, install:

Arch testers are encouraged to install these to run AnyEvent's tests, as due to the mechanism of action, they will run without further configuration if these happen to be installed, and its undesirable to have spurious test failures in that situation.

In the event any of these give a message like:

CODE Problematic Output
t/12_io_ioaio.t .......... skipped: AnyEvent::IO::IOAIO not loadable

When dependencies are present to make it work, it warrants filing a bug for investigation.