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Licensing of this package is a bit of a mess and hard to make sense of.

At version 1.71 ( 1.710.0 in portage )

File Indicated Licenses
COPYING Artistic OR GPL + GPL + BSD 3-clause
META.json unknown
META.yml unknown
COPYING.Artistic Artstic
perlmulticore.h CC0-1.0
uulib/uucheck.c GPL-2+
uulib/uunconc.c GPL-2+
uulib/uuscan.c GPL-2+
uulib/fptools.h GPL
uulib/uustring.c GPL-2+
uulib/uudeview.h GPL-2+
uulib/uulib.c GPL-2+
uulib/ecb.h BSD-2-clause OR GPL-2+
uulib/configure "Free software"
uulib/uuencode.c GPL-2+
uulib/uuint.h GPL-2+
uulib/crc32.c BSD-3-clause
uulib/uuutil.c GPL-2+
uulib/fptools.c GPL