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Virtualization Project
Description The Virtualization Project maintains packages shared between the different virtualization (sub-)projects and provides documentation and tools to the user to make Gentoo a first choice platform as both host and guest system.
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IRC channel #gentoo-virtualization (webchat)
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With the various virtualization solutions are also tools available to manage more than one kind of virtual machine. Furthermore it is possible to share certain knowledge on how to setup and administer such systems. This project exists as a general virtualization project to maintain common packages, to collect documentation and to give the user a general overview what's available on all Gentoo platforms.

This includes (combination of) the following techniques: KVM, Qemu, Lguest, Xen, VMWare, VirtualBox, vServer, OpenVZ, Linux Containers, Solaris Zones, FreeBSD Jails


The current goal is to bring all stakeholders together and to define the next steps. Furthermore, mailinglist, IRC channel, mail-alias have to be created. Shortly after defining how the different sub-projects should interact, a public announcement has to be made.

Contact us

IRC channel

All developers (and some users of course) can be reached in #gentoo-virtualization (webchat).

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