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This page is a translated version of the page Gentoo Wiki:FAQ and the translation is 26% complete.
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This FAQ is a collection of common questions about the Gentoo wiki, the documentation contained within, and editing the wiki, along with their corresponding answers.

For frequently asked questions relating to Gentoo in general, rather than the documentation and wiki, see the FAQ. See also the Portage FAQ for frequently asked questions about the package manager. There is also a FAQ secion in the handbook. See also the about Gentoo wiki page, and the wiki project page.

Anyone can edit the wiki! Anyone who can see a way to make the wiki better can log-in and make a change, just check out the contributor's guide first on how to get started.


除非已经有了英文版本,否则是不可以的。本 Wiki 鼓励将页面本地化。本 Wiki 使用翻译扩展来保证质量和查看翻译页面过期与否。该扩展提供了 Wiki 内的特性将英文原文翻译至本地化页面。其它的自动化功能有:

  • 页面可以被一段一段的翻译,而非一次翻译整个页面,这样多个翻译者可以协同工作。
  • 每个被翻译的页面以百分比显示翻译完成度。此外,未翻译的部分会显示英文原文,所以不会丢失信息。
  • 在翻译工具页面上高亮显示了需要重新翻译以与英文原版同步的部分。
  • 在可翻译的文章的顶部显示语言栏仅列出现有的翻译的页面。
Gentoo Wiki project 知道使用插件会给翻译者造成一些负担(学习新的翻译界面),而又不能使用非英文创建页面(因为英文被假定为每篇文章的初始语言)。但是,他们认为这样做对翻译的质量和时效性的提升胜过这些缺点。

如果你真的非常想要提交一篇非英文的文章,而你又无法先翻译成英文,请到 Gentoo Wiki:Feedback 请求帮助。

"This action has been automatically identified as harmful" error

When trying to save changes to an article, the following error may appear, and will prevent any changes from being committed :

Error: This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. If you believe your action was constructive, please inform an administrator of what you were trying to do. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: Disable writing internal wiki links as external besides required

This error is the abuse filter triggering when trying to link to an internal wiki page in the style "<pagename>" (to be precise, anything containing "//", with one exception). This is to avoid anyone using absolute links to reference wiki articles, as this does not allow the wiki to track links properly.

我能从其他 Wiki 直接拷贝文章过来吗?

When this wiki was created there were several other Gentoo-related wikis in existence, the most well known being (an invitation was extended to the operators to merge with the Gentoo Wiki project, though after some discussion they declined).

由于协议不兼容,直接从 “复制粘贴”文章到这里是不允许的,除非文章的“所有的作者”明确为在这里使用别人的贡献而重新取得许可

如果一个作者在其他 wiki 上贡献了一整篇文章,原作者可以在这里重新创建原有文章的内容(最好在文章的“讨论”页面附带一个说明解释一下这一情况)。这符合对文章内容进行“重新授权”。

如果其他的 wiki 使用跟本 wiki 相同的许可证(CC-BY-SA 3.0),在保留编辑历史(以确保正确授权)的情况下将文章拷贝或者导入到本 wiki 是有可能的。如果你想这么做请在 Gentoo Wiki:Feedback 上提出一个请求。