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Who am I ?

My name is Kévin GASPARD DE RENEFORT, I'm born in 1991 in France, near Paris.

I started GNU/Linux on Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06), almost twenty years back. It literally changed my life, for the good.

Since, I'm still on Linux, I tried several distribution and since less than a year I finally tried Gentoo and I don't feel like moving from it, probably for good.

I worked a few years (~5) as an Linux System Administrator for a french company hosting web site.

Being a Linux user pushed me to learn and improve my poor English skill from school. Years and years later, I started to dedicate myself to translate as much as possible the Gentoo's wiki pages, to help other french speakers to try it if they want to, but are lacking English skills.

This list of contribution I made on the wiki could be out-dated, will try to edit it regularly. These are my work here, chronologically ordered:

- KDE/fr & it's KDE/Troubleshooting/fr page

- Portage/fr

- The FAQ/fr

- The article on Kernel/Removal/fr (old kernel cleaning)

- The desktop environment category.

- Xfce/fr

- Gestionnaire d'affichage (ou de connexion)

- SDDM/fr

- KDE/Ebuild_repository/fr

- Cœur du système’s category (problem to use it with Gentoo wiki’s syntax, somehow) Category:Core_system/fr

- Category:Hardware/fr (same problem as above)

- Category:Software/fr (same problem as above)

- Category:Server_and_Security/fr (same problem as above)

- Category:Project_and_Community/fr (same problem as above)

- Noyau

All of theses page needs review, feel free, please, to do so.

I would love to keep going on bigger and more important page as the handbook, depending of it's state.

If you seek to contact me, you can do is on this wiki but also:

On IRC:, you'll probably find me into #gentoo, #gentoo-fr, #gentoo-wiki and #gentoo-chat, you can PM me aswell

On Discord: kevingdr

By e-mail: kevingaspard [at] koshie [dot] fr

Will be glad to help, answer to your question(s) or get a review of my works on this wiki.

You want a page to be translated for example ? Don't hesitate, ask me.



PS: Below some test, don’t mind it, please.