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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Contents and the translation is 83% complete.
誤字脱字を見つけましたか? 訂正を手伝ってくれると助かります! 訂正するか、それができない場合せめてイシューを立てる方法について、what to do when noticing an error on the wiki‎ のページを確認してください。

wiki ヘルプページGentoo wiki の使用についての便利な情報を提供します (この Wiki が含んでいる、Gentoo それ自体についての文書ではありません)。

これらのページは、wiki の使用法について、および探している情報を見つけることに関しては、読者のための資料であり、また、正しく内容を充実させる方法の説明を含む、編集者のための資料でもあります。

contributor's guide を確認してみてください: 新入りでも、wiki にちょっとした変更を加えるのは簡単に行えます!

Wiki プロジェクトページは Wiki がどのように動いているかについての情報があり、FAQ や、wiki プロジェクトについてのさらなる情報もあります。Gentoo wiki FAQabout Gentoo wiki のページも参照してください。

Gentoo 開発者は、Gentoo dev として作業に携わる手順についてのヘルプのためには、Developer Central を確認することもできます。

For people looking for help using Gentoo Linux, the main Gentoo Wiki page and the Handbook are the principal online sources for Gentoo documentation.
For those looking for help from the community for a particular issue, after having checked all the documentation, see the support page.
Please follow the code of conduct when engaging in all wiki activity. The wiki project aims to maintain a respectful, constructive environment - please be polite and considerate of other users. All wiki edits should be made in the spirit of moving the project towards the common goals. Documentation and discourse should be objective and fact based. The project is consensus based.

wiki を読む

Wiki の読み方は、まあ、自明なはずです。多くの標準的な web サイトと同じように機能します。より高度な使い方のためのより詳細な情報は、以下で提供されています:


Wiki の編集は英語でのみ行えます。この Editing セクションの内容は意図的に翻訳されていません。

For small corrections, such as typos, fixing or adding links, etc., please just create an account and make the change! See the article on what to do when noticing an error on the wiki‎.

In case of any issues with creating an account, or anything else regarding wiki usage or editing, please get in touch on #gentoo-wiki (webchat) on IRC. Please be patient and stay connected to the channel, replies can take a long time. If a solution cannot be found in IRC, try sending an email to For anything not directly related to wiki usage and editing, see support or contact.

Once logged in, it only takes a few clicks to make a change: click the "Edit source" (or "Edit") button at the top of a page, make changes (edits) to the text, add a brief summary of the edit, and click the "Save page" button! Don't worry too much about making mistakes: everything is backed up, and changes will be checked by an editor soon after they are made.

The contributor's guide is invaluable when getting into editing wiki pages, for anything more than a simple correction. It explains wiki fundamentals, goals and general workings - all the basic information to start editing articles. At the very least, check out the getting started section.

Please read the official Gentoo wiki guidelines before making anything more than the most basic changes. The guidelines explain how to properly write and lay out pages, to create well formed articles, while maintaining a coherent style across the wiki.

Please come join us on IRC on the #gentoo-wiki (webchat) channel, if looking to edit the wiki! (The web chat should work well for anyone not wanting to set up an IRC client.) This is where the contributors come to chat about the wiki and what is currently happening. Questions, comments, or suggestions welcome! The channel can be quiet sometimes, but everyone will try to answer any questions the best they can!
There are plenty of areas that need work, check out the todo category, and common wiki tasks to help out. Editing the wiki is a really great way to contribute to Gentoo! It really does help other users, and it is easy to get started with. Remember that there are also other ways to contribute to Gentoo.
Others in the community can be thanked for their contributions via the "Thank" link, found on an article's Revision history page (click More→History, then find the "Thank" link next to the specific revision).

Essential editing topics

These pages are essential reading for anyone getting into editing the wiki:

Basic editing topics

These topics are important to know when making any substantial edits:

  • Editing pages - basic article editing procedure
  • Formatting - how to use wiki markup
  • Links - how to link between articles
  • Starting a new page - how to go about creating a new page for the wiki
  • Talk pages - how to communicate with other users, suggest corrections, or additions
  • Wiki FAQ - frequently asked questions about wiki usage
  • Wiki project page - editor-community page, with information on using the wiki, renaming, deleting accounts, etc.

Further editing topics

Advanced editing topics

  • Bots - about programs to perform automatic actions on the wiki
  • External searches - linking to search engine queries
  • Magic words - tags associated with a return value or function
  • Patrolled edits - marking edits as reviewed, not really used on this wiki
  • Special pages - pages generated by the wiki
  • Subpages - how to hierarchically organize pages
  • Transclusion - including contents from one page to another


Templates help layout standard or repetitive elements. See the help page on Templates about what templates are and how to use them on the wiki.

The Template sandbox and test cases page provides information on the various subsidiary pages that must be created to support any new template.

List of templates on the wiki: All templates.

Template categories:


ページを編集したり、他の wiki ユーザと交流するためには、wiki ユーザアカウントを作成してください。ユーザアカウントには、そのユーザにとってサイトがどのように表示されるか、そしてどのように振る舞うかのパラメータを変更できる、個人設定ページがあります。各ユーザは他の wiki ユーザと交流するためのユーザページと、トークページを持ちます。ユーザのサブページは wiki の作業のためのステージングエリアとして使用することができます。

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