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A protected page is a page that normal users are not allowed to edit and/or move.

Only a user with sysop permissions can edit or move a protected page, protect a page in the first place, or subsequently unprotect it.

The handbook and project pages are protected, as they contain verified information. Please use the talk pages to indicate when a change is needed to any of those pages, and the devs or admins will do their best to integrate changes, time permitting.

It is very useful when flagging issues on protected pages to propose a fix on the corresponding talk page with the {{Proposal}} template. This can both make things clearer as to what the issue is, and save time for the editors.

Some pages might be protected because of vandalism, or where vandalism or incorrect information could have a particularly severe impact. Pages may be protected when policy says that they can't be changed without following a certain approval process.

Page protection limits collaboration on the wiki content, and should be avoided where possible.