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Gentoo Wiki pages have a header, a site navigation bar just below, with a tool menu and user menu to the right, and finally a page bar with a search box on the right.

The items available will vary depending on the type of page shown.

Navigation bar

Main page Gentoo Wiki homepage.
Recent changes Track the most recent changes to the wiki.
Help Documentation on using and editing the wiki.
Gentoo List of Gentoo projects.
Documentation Shortcuts to Gentoo documentation.

Tools menu

What links here
Lists pages which contain a link to the current page. Useful to find related information or for refactoring and checking whether links to this page are still relevant after changes.
Related changes
Lists recent changes in the pages linked to from the current page. The "Hide minor edits" option can be set in preferences to make this list more manageable.
Upload file
Allows logged-in users to upload images and other files to the wiki. Uploaded files can be linked from or embedded into wiki pages. See also managing files.
Special pages
Lists the MediaWiki special pages, these present information about the Wiki and/or allow access to administration activities. These special pages are commonly generated when the special page is loaded rather than being stored in the wiki database. See special pages.

User menu

Allow a logged-in user to view and edit their user page and wiki preferences, quickly access their contributions, and logout.

For anonymous users, a link to the login and account creation page.

Link to user page.
Link to user discussion page, where other users can leave messages.
Personal site preferences.
List of all pages monitored for changes. Pages can be added to this list by clicking "Watch" in the "More" menu, or upon editing a page.
Personal list of contributions made to the wiki.
Log out
Click to log out of the wiki.

Page bar

View, edit, and discuss the current page. See also Namespace.

Discuss the current page with other users.
Change current page content.

"More" menu

History of page changes.
Move page.
Monitor page for changes.
Regenerates the page cache and other background checks.


See Searching.