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This discussion needs help as of 2024-06-14.
Tip: To get this fixed sooner, use {{Proposal}}.
Before working through these discussions, editors are encouraged to take a look at Category:Open discussions and Category:Discussions needing discussion, which provide easier tasks.

These are discussions that require proposals, further discussion, testing, or research.

These discussions are great for experienced editors. Please pick a random discussion from this category.

To move a discussion on a protected page (e.g. a page in the Handbook) along, use {{Proposal}} to propose changes.

Minor discussions on non-protected pages can be fixed directly, or delegated to new contributors using {{Talk|good_first_discussion|date = 2024-06-14}}.

Discussions are added to this category using {{Talk|help_wanted|date = 2024-06-14}}. Please change them to {{Talk|discussion_needed|date = 2024-06-14}} once they provide proposals that can be merged as is, in order to ensure that they get special attention.

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