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Create /etc/ccache.conf

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Commands like ccache -s need to have the var cache_dir defined. In the example provided, it defines the variable on the command line (CCACHE_DIR=/var/cache/ccache ccache -s). Nevertheless, I believe this variable should be defined globally (in /etc/ccache.conf), so there is no need to append "CACHE_DIR=/var/cache/ccache" each time we use the command. Please let me know what do you think about this. Thanks. --Mimosinnet (talk) 12:38, 20 September 2022 (UTC)

That doesn't work for me:

find /root -iname "ccache.conf"  # empty result
pi400 ~ # 
cat /etc/ccache.conf
CCACHE_DIR = /var/cache/ccache
ccache -sv
 Cache directory:             /root/.cache/ccache
 Primary config:              /root/.config/ccache/ccache.conf
 Secondary config:            /etc/ccache.conf

... --Jens3 (talk) 14:02, 20 September 2022 (UTC)