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Welcome to the Gentoo wiki!

Larry the cow beckons you to explore the Gentoo wiki!

Use the links from the preceding table to browse the wiki, or the search-box in the top right-hand corner to find articles directly. The links are also available from the the Documentation menu at the top of every page.

The Gentoo wiki contains documentation for both Gentoo Linux, and for the Unix(like) ecosystem at large. The Gentoo handbook is one of the most useful documents on the wiki, it contains the official installation documentation, basic usage information, and more!

Most of the documentation on the wiki is editable by everyone and is written by anyone willing to volunteer contributions. Please help us build better documentation by providing corrections, additions, or useful changes: the help out section below shows how to start improving documentation today, for the benefit of the whole community!

If you see an error on the wiki, please go to the what to do when noticing an error on the wiki‎ page, and get things fixed!
To ask for help with installation, usage, bugs, etc., users can contact the support community. The #gentoo (webchat) IRC support channel on can help with many issues.

 Please help out

Everyone can edit documentation on the Gentoo wiki - if you have useful information to add, or notice something that needs fixing, please do make an edit - it's easy!

Check out the contributor's guide for a straightforward introduction to start contributing to documentation!

The Help pages contain all available information on how to make edits. The guidelines explain how content should be laid out, and following them makes for high-quality edits (and saves work for other editors).

The wiki holds both official Gentoo project documentation and community-contributed content. Official documents have a Handbook: or a Project: prefix (only developers can edit them). If anything on those pages needs adding, correcting, or can be improved in any way, please leave feedback via their respective discussion (talk) pages.

For questions and subjects related to editing this documentation-wiki only, and for everyone starting out or regularly contributing here, please join the #gentoo-wiki (webchat) IRC channel on

The wiki IRC channel and talk pages are exclusively for subjects concerning editing documentation on the wiki. For general Gentoo support, such as installation advice, usage issues, bugs, etc., please get in touch with the support community (#gentoo (webchat)), not the wiki team.

The wiki FAQ has more useful information, such as ways to contact the wiki admins. General comments, suggestions for improvement, etc., can be left on the wiki feedback page. Refer to the translating article about helping to translate the documentation.

See the following documents for more information:

See also
For other ways to contribute to the Gentoo project, see the contributing article.


March 10, 2023: New IRC bot for the wiki's recent changes!

Gentoo's newest developer P.Fox (ris) , who done some great work improving our documentation over the last year, has now taken up the Gentoo cloak officially. As a first fruit of his promising involvement, the wiki project is happy to announce that we now have an experimental IRC bot lurking in a newly created #gentoo-wiki-changes (webchat) channel. We expect to develop the bot's intelligence and capabilities for wiki maintenance in future updates.

Please join our new channel if you want to watch our bot spam changes in (nearly) real time. As mentioned, this bot is experimental, and we are open to receiving any helpful feedback and critique as we explore the bot's use case as a monitoring mechanism and discussion facilitator... while you're there, be sure you extend a greeting to P.Fox (ris) !

January 9, 2023: Wiki emails to Gmail accounts issue has been fixed!

Greetings and happy New Year! We are happy to announce that the issue (bug #856757) preventing wiki email messages from being received at Gmail accounts has been (finally!) resolved.

Larry was utterly happy to moo-ve on from that hurd-le...
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