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Gentoo user since 2021 (profile: default/linux/amd64/17.1)
enThis user is a native speaker of English.

About me


i'm the porter and maintainer of mdoc(7) man pages for:

i maintain a small collection of ICT guides, and have also contributed to the Void Linux documentation.

My contributions to this wiki can be found here.


i'm the author of several Emacs Lisp packages, including Ebuku, an Emacs UI for the buku bookmark manager, and pulseaudio-control, an Emacs UI for PulseAudio.

i'm also the author of some small POSIX shell scripts which focus on portability, such as qemu-start, for starting QEMU VMs from the command line, and epub-create, for creating minimal EPUBs.

i'm comfortable with Perl, and as part of my work on the Void Linux documentation, contributed some simple Perl scripts: mdbook-latex, to generate a LaTeX (and thus PDF) version of the Void docs, and mdbook-gemini, to generate a gemtext version.

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