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Gentoo user since 2021 (profile: default/linux/amd64/17.1)
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About me

i've been using Linux since late 1997, with my first distro being RedHat 5.2 ("Apollo"). i subsequently used Mandriva, Ubuntu, Debian, and Void, before moving to Gentoo in late 2021. i've also been using OpenBSD since 6.2, around late 2017; i maintain a couple of OpenBSD servers.

i run Gentoo on my laptop, my primary machine: it uses an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx, and has 12G of memory (2G of which is allocated to a Portage TMPDIR).

My system is OpenRC-based, and i currently use Wayfire as my window manager, though in the past i've happily used Sway, i3, Fluxbox, and others. i use Emacs as my primary editor - though i regularly use Vim as well - and as my platform for email (mu4e), IRC (ERC), Web bookmark management (Ebuku), etc.


i'm the porter and maintainer of mdoc(7) man pages for:

i maintain a small collection of ICT guides, and have also contributed to the Void Linux documentation.

i have a particular interest in demystifying the standards / specifications / software related to desktops on \*n\*x-ish systems, e.g. those of, so that users can make informed decisions about whether they want to use them, and implement their own custom usages should they wish to do so.

My contributions to this wiki can be found here.


i'm the author of several Emacs Lisp packages, including Ebuku, an Emacs UI for the buku bookmark manager, and pulseaudio-control, an Emacs UI for PulseAudio.

i'm also the author of some small POSIX shell scripts which focus on portability, such as qemu-start, for starting QEMU VMs from the command line, and epub-create, for creating minimal EPUBs. Both are available in the 'flexibeast' overlay.

i'm comfortable with Perl, and as part of my work on the Void Linux documentation, contributed some simple Perl scripts: mdbook-latex, to generate a LaTeX (and thus PDF) version of the Void docs, and mdbook-gemini, to generate a gemtext version.

Other programming languages with which i have at least a basic familiarity include C, Zig, Haskell and Ada.

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