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Emacs denominates a class of powerful, extensible, self-documenting text editors. The original implementation is GNU Emacs, which is still updated today.

Available software

There are a number of implementations of Emacs, often lightweight versions, many of which are available in Gentoo. Some of these projects may be feature-complete, without recent releases.

Name Package Description
e3 app-editors/e3 Very tiny editor in ASM with emacs, pico, wordstar, and vi keybindings. Heavily optimized for size and independent of libc or any other libraries.
EmACT app-editors/emact Fork of Conroy's MicroEmacs. Last release in 2009 (as of 2021).
Ersatz Emacs app-editors/ersatz-emacs Very minimal imitation of the famous GNU Emacs editor. Last release in 2006 (as of 2021).
fe app-editors/fe Small and easy to use folding editor with an emacs-like interface. Last release seems to be from 2011 (as of 2021).
GNU Emacs app-editors/emacs Powerful, extensible, self-documenting text editor released by the Free Software Foundation. Most popular version of Emacs.
Hemlock dev-lisp/cmucl Emacs-like editor implemented in Common Lisp with CMUCL, a free implementation of the Common Lisp programming language.
Jasspa's MicroEmacs app-editors/jasspa-microemacs Emacs editor biased towards UNIX users with a small footprint. Last release in 2009 (as of 2021).
JED app-editors/jed Powerful editor with emulation of GNU Emacs, among others. Last release in 2009 (as of 2021).
JEmacs dev-scheme/kawa Re-implementation of Emacs, written in a mix of Java, Scheme, and Emacs Lisp that uses Kawa to compile Scheme and ELisp into Java bytecodes.
JOE app-editors/joe ASCII-Text Screen Editor for UNIX that has some of the key bindings and many of the powerful features of Emacs.
Jove app-editors/jove Compact, powerful, Emacs-style text-editor. No official release since 1996, but improvements and modifications have been published since.
µEmacs/PK app-editors/uemacs-pk Enhanced version of MicroEMACS.
mg app-editors/mg Small, fast, and portable editor for people who can't (or don't want to) run real Emacs for one reason or another.
Ng app-editors/ng Emacs like micro editor Ng, based on mg2a. Latest version is beta from 2003.
QEmacs app-editors/qemacs Very small but powerful text editor with an Emacs look and feel, and common features. Latest release seems to be from 2013 (as of 2021).
XEmacs app-editors/xemacs Highly customizable open source text editor and application development system. No longer maintained.
Zile app-editors/zile Text editor development kit that comes with an example implementation of a lightweight Emacs clone.

Ebuild repository

The Emacs project runs an ebuild repository for GNU Emacs and XEmacs (see Project:Emacs/Overlay) which contains a number of packages including many VCS builds. To add the repository:

root #eselect repository enable emacs
root #emerge --sync emacs

Many more Emacs related packages should now be available for installation.

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