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Emacs denominates a class of powerful, extensible, self-documenting text editors. The original implementation is GNU Emacs, which is still updated today. There's also XEmacs, which was forked from GNU Emacs in the early 1990s. XEmacs is not the X version of Emacs, but a complete separate program.

Available software

Apart from the two big contenders, many lightweight implementations exist, many of which are available in Gentoo:

Editor name Gentoo package
e3 app-editors/e3
EmACT app-editors/emact
Ersatz Emacs app-editors/ersatz-emacs
fe app-editors/fe
GNU Emacs app-editors/emacs
Hemlock dev-lisp/cmucl
Jasspa's MicroEmacs app-editors/jasspa-microemacs
JED app-editors/jed
JEmacs dev-scheme/kawa
JOE app-editors/joe
Jove app-editors/jove
µEmacs/PK app-editors/uemacs-pk
mg app-editors/mg
Ng app-editors/ng
QEmacs app-editors/qemacs
XEmacs app-editors/xemacs
Zile app-editors/zile

Ebuild repository

The Emacs project runs an ebuild repository for GNU Emacs and XEmacs (see Project:Emacs/Overlay) which contains a number of packages including many VCS builds. To add the repository:

root #eselect repository enable emacs
root #emerge --sync emacs


root #layman -a emacs

Many more Emacs related packages should now be available for installation.

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