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Description The Emacs project handles Emacs and Elisp related packages in the Gentoo package tree.
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Last elected: 2019-04-18
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The Gentoo Emacs project handles Emacs and Elisp related packages in the Gentoo package tree. This includes GNU Emacs, XEmacs, and related editors, manuals and additional packages.

GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs and its packages are maintained in the GNU Emacs subproject. These include app-editors/emacs itself, the app-emacs category, and some other related packages.

  • The GNU Emacs developer guide summarizes what must be known when maintaining Emacs and its packages in Gentoo. Even maintainers of packages with optional Emacs support (by USE="emacs") can learn something about the internal goings-on.
  • A devmanual section contains hints how you can configure your Emacs as a Gentoo developer.
  • Xft support for GNU Emacs shows you how to enable and use anti-aliased fonts for Emacs.


XEmacs and its packages are maintained in the XEmacs subproject. These include app-editors/xemacs itself and the app-xemacs category.

  • Documentation on XEmacs on Gentoo is available. It contains information for users to explain how Gentoo deals with some aspects of XEmacs, and information and support scripts for Gentoo developers.

Other packages

Other Emacs implementations (typically in app-editors) and packages not related to either GNU Emacs or XEmacs are maintained in the (parent) Emacs project.


Resources offered by the Emacs project include:

Test plans
Test plans for Emacs packages that need testing when being keyworded or stabilized.
Emacs overlay
The Emacs overlay (view with gitweb) holds packages to be tested separately and provides a playground for both GNU Emacs and XEmacs.
Work lists
Mainly intended for the Emacs maintainers themselves, of temporary nature: