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Emacs-like editors available in Gentoo

In addition to GNU Emacs and XEmacs, there are other Emacs-like editors available in Gentoo, including several Microemacs variants. Most of them are also maintained by the Emacs team.

Emacs implementations written in Lisp

Editor name Package name Extension language Description
Climacs / Drei dev-lisp/climacs Common Lisp An Emacs-like editor in Common Lisp, in Gentoo Lisp overlay
Edwin dev-scheme/mit-scheme-c Scheme In Gentoo Lisp overlay. Start with: scheme -edwin -edit
GNU Emacs app-editors/emacs Emacs Lisp See GNU Emacs developer guide
Hemlock dev-lisp/cmucl CMU Common Lisp Start with: lisp -eval '(require :hemlock) (ed)'
JEmacs dev-scheme/kawa Scheme, Emacs Lisp USE=jemacs
XEmacs app-editors/xemacs Emacs Lisp See XEmacs on Gentoo

Implementations descended from Dave Conroy's Microemacs

Editor name Package name Extension language Description
EmACT app-editors/emact Minimal Lisp Fork of Conroy’s MicroEmacs
Ersatz Emacs app-editors/ersatz-emacs none A very minimal imitation of GNU Emacs
Jasspa’s MicroEmacs app-editors/jasspa-microemacs custom Also as NanoEmacs with USE=nanoemacs
mg app-editors/mg none Micro GNU/emacs
Ng app-editors/ng none Nihongo micro Gnu emacs, maintained by CJK team
Perfect Emacs app-editors/pemacs none Small footprint Emacs derived from Ersatz Emacs, in Emacs overlay
µEmacs/PK app-editors/uemacs-pk custom MicroEMACS 3.9e with enhancements by Petri Kutvonen

Other editors resembling Emacs

Editor name Package name Extension language Description
e3 app-editors/e3 none
fe app-editors/fe none Small and easy to use folding editor – successor to Origami
JED app-editors/jed S-Lang
JOE app-editors/joe macros Joe’s Own Editor
Jove app-editors/jove none Jonathan’s Own Version of Emacs – a light emacs-like editor without LISP bindings
Jupp app-editors/jupp macros Portable version of JOE
QEmacs app-editors/qemacs none Quick Emacs
Zile app-editors/zile none Zile is lossy Emacs

External resources

Resource Comment
Craig A. Finseth: The Craft of Text Editing: Emacs for the Modern World. Springer-Verlag, New York 1991, ISBN 0-387-97616-7. Background information about user interfaces and the ergonomics of text editing.
Craig A. Finseth: List of Emacs implementations. A list of implementations of Emacs-type editors and literature about such editors.
Jamie Zawinski: Emacs timeline. A timeline of the GNU Emacs / XEmacs family tree.