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Данная статья перечисляет специфичные для Gentoo системные утилиты (для Portage), доступные в репозитории ebuild-ов.

Имя Пакет Домашняя страница Описание
eclean-kernel app-admin/eclean-kernel https://github.com/mgorny/eclean-kernel/ Remove old kernel versions, keeping either N newest kernels or only those which are referenced by a bootloader.
eix app-portage/eix https://github.com/vaeth/eix/ Command line tool for accessing information on installed packages, local settings, and local and external overlays.
elogv app-portage/elogv https://gitweb.gentoo.org/proj/elogv.git Curses based utility to parse the contents of elogs created by Portage.
emlop app-portage/emlop https://github.com/vincentdephily/emlop Быстрый, точный и эргономичный парсер emerge.log.
eselect app-admin/eselect Project:Eselect Инструмент для администрирования и конфигурации систем Gentoo.
eselect repository app-eselect/eselect-repository https://github.com/mgorny/eselect-repository A tool to configure Gentoo overlays. (Relies on emerge to synchronize them.)
euses app-portage/euses https://rooversj.home.xs4all.nl/gentoo/ Look up USE flag descriptions fast.
genlop app-portage/genlop https://github.com/gentoo-perl/genlop A nice emerge.log parser.
gentoopmq app-portage/gentoopm https://github.com/projg2/gentoopm A tool that provides basic lookups into the package manager data.
pfl app-portage/pfl https://www.portagefilelist.de/ Searchable online file/package database for Gentoo.
pkgcore sys-apps/pkgcore https://github.com/pkgcore Package and repository utilities.
pybugz www-client/pybugz https://github.com/williamh/pybugz A command line interface to Gentoo Bugzilla.
q applets app-portage/portage-utils https://gitweb.gentoo.org/proj/portage-utils.git Small and fast Portage helper tools written in C.
smart-live-rebuild app-portage/smart-live-rebuild https://github.com/mgorny/smart-live-rebuild Check live packages for updates and emerge them as necessary.
ufed app-portage/ufed https://gitweb.gentoo.org/proj/ufed.git Simple program designed to configure system USE flags.

Gentoolkit (app-portage/gentoolkit) contains several useful tools for users:

Имя Описание
ebump Утилита обновления ревизии ebuild-а (полезна для разработчиков).
eclean Tool for cleaning repository source files and binary packages.
enalyze Gentoo's installed packages analysis and repair tool. See man page, which states "CAUTION: This is beta software and is not yet feature complete".
epkginfo Wrapper to equery: display metadata about a given package.
equery Gentoo package query tool.
eread Script to read portage log items from einfo, ewarn etc.
eshowkw Display keywords for specified package(s).
euse Tool to see, set and unset USE flags at various places.
imlate Displays candidates for keywords for an architecture (more useful for developers?).
revdep-rebuild Reverse Dependency rebuilder. Generally not necessary to run this tool anymore.

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