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ufed is an ncurses-based USE flag editor designed to simplify configuration of the USE flags set in make.conf. Note that ufed does not allow setting flags per-package, which is done with /etc/portage/package.use.


USE flags

There are currently no available USE flags for app-portage/ufed itself. The irony!


root #emerge --ask app-portage/ufed


Screenshot of app-portage/ufed-0.92

Start the program from a command-line with the ufed command. It may take a few seconds for the program to open; do not be alarmed if it seems like nothing is happening, just wait a little longer.

root #ufed
Since ufed has the ability to modify important system files, it can only be started using the equivalent of root privileges. Normal users can use sudo if it is installed on the system, otherwise access to the root account is needed.


Hot keys include:

Key Description
, or Page Up Page Down, or Home End Move between flags.
Scroll though the USE flag descriptions. This is helpful if the description text is concatenated by the screen or terminal resolution.
Space Toggles the flag on or off.
/, or start typing the flag name Searches the listed flags.
? Displays the in-program help screen.
F5 Toggles the display of local, global, or all flag descriptions.
F6 Toggles display of flags supported by at least one installed package, supported by no installed package, or all flags.
F7 Toggles display of masked and forced flags, flags that are neither masked nor forced, or all flags.
F10 Changes the description to show full or reduced descriptions.
F11 Changes the display to wrap long lines into multiple lines.
Esc Cancels changes.
Ctrl+C, or Q+Y Closes (exits) the program.

See also

External resources

  • ufed's man page locally (man ufed).