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pkgcore is an alternative package manager for Gentoo that aims for high performance, extensibility, and a clean design. Written in Python, pkgcore provides an alternative to Portage's emerge command while also subsuming most of the functionality of the eix and eselect repository repository management tools.

pkgcore is still experimental and care should be taken when updating a system



Use the following emerge command to install the sys-apps/pkgcore package:

root #emerge --ask sys-apps/pkgcore


If there is no specific pkgcore configuration (that is /etc/pkgcore.conf or ~/.pkgcore.conf), it reads the Portage configuration and converts it transparently for use. For a detailed explanation of how the pkgcore specific configuration works see Pkgcore/Configuration.


Updating the system

For synchronizing the local copies of the Portage tree and any overlays the pmaint utility is used. Then pmerge is invoked to update all packages and clean superfluous packages.

root #pmaint sync
root #pmerge --ask --upgrade --deep --newuse
root #pmerge --ask --clean --with-built-deps

Searching for a package

To search for a package use the pquery program:

user $pquery -nv <query>

For example, to find some audio software for encoding ogg files, one may use the following to find media-sound/vorbis-tools.

user $pquery -nv --description ogg 'media-sound/*'
Note the quotes around the extended atom to protect from expansion by the shell.

Installing a package

A package can be installed with pmerge:

root #pmerge --ask --verbose <atoms>

In our example this would be the following:

root #pmerge --ask --verbose media-sound/vorbis-tools

pmerge is intended to be compatible with Portage. It should be possible to use both emerge and pmerge on the same system.


root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose sys-apps/pkgcore

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