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eselect configuration and management tool
Description eselect is Gentoo's modular framework for configuration and administration utilities.
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eselect provides a modular configuration framework for Gentoo systems, aiming to centralize and consolidate existing tools. It has a command line interface, but is nonetheless quite friendly.

eselect is written completely in bash, including the modules. This language has proved ideal for this task, as eselect modules are easy to write, simple to maintain, and do not require specific knowledge of a particular language like C, Python or Ruby. eselect modules have a similar structure to ebuilds.

eselect contains modules for altering the /usr/src/linux symlink, changing the Portage profile, a somewhat experimental but useable interactive module for updating CONFIG_PROTECTed files, a module for handling runlevels and the init system, and many others.

eselect aims for ease of use and consistency between configuration and administration modules used within a Gentoo installation.


Resources offered by the eselect project include: