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epkginfo is a tool used to display package metadata information. It is a shortcut to using the equery meta command.



epkginfo comes as part of the Gentoolkit suite. It, along with the rest of the tools, can be installed by running:

root #emerge --ask app-portage/gentoolkit

Please see the Gentoolkit article for information on the other tools included in the app-portage/gentoolkit package.



As mentioned above epkginfo can be invoked two different ways:

  • epkginfo
  • equery meta

Using the shorter method:

user $epkginfo --help
Usage: epkginfo [options] pkgspec

Display metadata about a given package.

 -h, --help              display this help message
 -d, --description       show an extended package description
 -H, --herd              show the herd(s) for the package
 -k, --keywords          show keywords for all matching package versions
 -l, --license           show licenses for the best maching version
 -m, --maintainer        show the maintainer(s) for the package
 -S, --stablreq          show STABLEREQ arches (cc's) for all matching package versions
 -u, --useflags          show per-package USE flag descriptions
 -U, --upstream          show package's upstream information
 -x, --xml               show the plain metadata.xml file

See also

  • Eclean — a tool for cleaning repository source files and binary packages.
  • Equery — a tool to make several common Portage operations simpler.
  • Egencache — a tool that (re)builds metadata information for the Portage package database.