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epkginfo is a tool used to display package metadata information. It is a shortcut to using the equery meta command.

epkginfo is part of gentoolkit.



epkginfo comes as part of the Gentoolkit suite. It, along with the rest of the tools, can be installed by running:

root #emerge --ask app-portage/gentoolkit

Please see the Gentoolkit article for information on the other tools included in the app-portage/gentoolkit package.



As mentioned above epkginfo can be invoked two different ways:

  • epkginfo
  • equery meta

Using the shorter method:

user $epkginfo --help
Usage: epkginfo [options] pkgspec

Display metadata about a given package.

 -h, --help              display this help message
 -d, --description       show an extended package description
 -H, --herd              show the herd(s) for the package
 -k, --keywords          show keywords for all matching package versions
 -l, --license           show licenses for the best maching version
 -m, --maintainer        show the maintainer(s) for the package
 -S, --stablreq          show STABLEREQ arches (cc's) for all matching package versions
 -u, --useflags          show per-package USE flag descriptions
 -U, --upstream          show package's upstream information
 -x, --xml               show the plain metadata.xml file

See also

  • Eclean — a tool for cleaning repository source files and binary packages.
  • Equery — a tool to make several common Portage operations simpler.
  • Egencache — a tool that (re)builds metadata information for the Portage package database.