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Portage Tools Team
Description The Portage Tools Team develops and maintains a number of tools that use Portage's APIs or perform actions relating to the maintenance of the Portage tree ecosystem.
Project email
IRC channel #gentoo-portage (webchat)
Lead(s) none
No lead election date set
(and inherited member(s))
Parent Project Portage
Project listing

Portage tools


Contributor Nickname Contribution / Role
Paul Varner fuzzyray member/former developer & project lead
Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis Arfrever member
Douglas J. Anderson djanderson equery rewrite
Michael A. Smith kojiro revdep-rebuild rewrite
Sven Eden Ufed Maintainer


mirrorselect is a tool to help configure which mirror(s) a Gentoo system will use for retrieving distfiles and Portage tree transfers.


Padawan Nickname Rank
Douglas Freed dwfreed Apprentice

Subproject packages

Name Package Desription Homepage
SSL-Fetch dev-python/ssl-fetch Breakout python lib to securely fetch files click-me


There are currently no staffing needs posted for this project.